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Find out how much you can save on items your hospital already purchases. Our Complimentary Supply Spend Analysis compares CHC Supply Trust prices to those you currently pay for exact-match items. The process gives you a conservative estimate of your hospital’s savings right up front. Learn more.

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CHC Mission

To guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers.

Tony Ybarra, SVP, CHC Supply Trust

"One of our managed hospitals recently identified and recovered $300,000 in overpayments to an implant vendor. They were able to substantiate the discrepancies using our supply-chain analysis tool."

Edward J. Hannon, CEO, Bates County Memorial Hospital, Butler, MO

"I have been through some GPO transitions before in my career, and I must say, this is going extremely well. I appreciate the well-structured approach, the tone of the meetings, the delivery of the information. This is being accepted very well throughout the organization."

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