Supply Chain Assessment

Your supply chain support system

The best way to build a stronger supply chain is to gain a clear understanding of your hospital’s current situation and identify opportunities for improvement.

That’s why CHC Supply Trust experts start by conducting assessments to help you achieve your supply chain goals and identify maximum savings and improvements. Depending on your hospital’s situation and needs, we offer Supply Spend Cycle Assessments, Supply Chain Operational Assessments, FANS Assessments and Pharmacy Assessments.

Each assessment includes an offsite evaluation of key data elements as well time at your hospital to evaluate processes and procedures. After the onsite evaluation, CHC Supply Trust prepares a summary report outlining observations and providing key recommendations for improvements in the supply chain cycle. Included in the recommendations are national benchmark targets based on your hospital’s size and patient mix.

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Supply Chain Assessment Objectives

  • Review inventory management procedures
  • Confirm proper controls are in place to ensure sound business purchasing activities and practices
  • Identify opportunities for improvements to positively impact your financial goals
  • Identify opportunities for materials management systems to better manage expenses, inventories and revenues
  • Ensure sufficient compliance of your hospital’s group purchasing program